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Terms and conditions of usage / Policies

Some terms of usage and policies may differ for each service / purchase.

1. TVPN Basic / Premium / Family plan - Terms and conditions
These terms must be accepted upon initial setup of this plan for it to be purchased.

By starting and creating a subscription to this plan, you have agreed to adhere to the following terms of service and our TVPN policies.

a. This subscription is strictly only allowed to be used on
1 device within mainland France in conjunction with our TVPN Basic subscription
2 devices within mainland France in conjunction with our TVPN Premium subscription

2-5 devices within mainland France in conjunction with our TVPN Family subscription
 Your device must be compatible, as explained below (section d).

Sharing the account information with other users or using your subscription on a none-compliant device or network allows us the right to cancel your plan and block your connection with immediate effect.
b. You agree with our security check procedure. This security check allows our service to remain secure for your own protection, and allows us to provide a more stable service to you. Another purpose of our security check is to ensure that your service has not been gifted or given to another person and that all traffic provided to you is prioritised. The security check is mostly automatic, but on occasions you will be asked to utilise a new IP address whilst using our app. This may be in the form of re-entering login information or restarting your internet router. Mobile / Satellite IP addresses that are not within mainland France are prohibited. Static IP addresses used on company registered connections are also prohibited. If our servers detect such usage, your connection will be blocked and throughput may be limited.
c. We reserve the right to block your access if we detect that you are accessing service outside of mainland France. Unfair or illegal usage of our services, or if information about your own usage is shared by you in a public domain such as any social media platform will result in your subscription being terminated.
d. Your subscription must only be used in conjunction with a certified device type supplied by EULINK (Please see the devices available in our store). Installing your subscription to our app on a none compliant device will result in your account being terminated without refund. Your device must be Google TV certified (e.x., Your remote control must have a Netflix or YouTube button present or using Android TV OS 11+) And / or is purchased directly from us and of which is equipped with a Eulink / Blink certified firmware sticker underneath. Trusted brands include Google, Xiaomi and Infomir.
e. Our TVPN service is natively built into our TVPN app. Sharing the login information to other users is strictly forbidden and will result in account termination without refund. 
f. You have the right to cancel at anytime without question or reason.
g. Your payment method (example, your payment / bank card) information may expire during your subscription term, thus causing the payment to fail. This will cause your service to be suspended after the monthly term is completed. Please ensure your card and payment information is kept upto date at all times within your user account on our website. If this is the case, we automatically offer a 7 days grace period.
h. Resale of our TVPN service or our products are strictly prohibited without consent from us directly.
i. Failure to adhere to any of the previous 8 terms above may result in your account being suspended. We will not issue any refund to you if you have been permanently suspended, and remaining balances will cover our administration and technician fees. Your monthly payment plan will further be cancelled after the monthly term has completed.

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